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Hello & Welcome to Gif Dude!

Twitter is the preeminent social networking site.  If you want to stand out among the millions of tweets, why not apply an eye-catching profile picture/avatar to your tweets?! As you can see by my Twitter Page, displayed above this post, it works!   Let me help you to improve your standing in the world of tweets...and maybe get a few hundred thousand more "followers" along the way!!!

I provide an awesome service (for a small fee).  If you would like to have an eye-catching "GIF" or "Avatar" to use on your Twitter page, send me a pic (jpeg) or request and I will

Animate It!

Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons -
Then I will email it to you for your use and enjoyment.

Your new and improved profile pic will be Very cool and Very useful in building your individual web presence on your Twitter account.  If you need help setting it up, I will also be providing a "uTube" instructional video.

Thanks in advance for your support and business,

Gif Dude


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